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    Whats bleach // and how to conncect for members.



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    Whats bleach // and how to conncect for members.

    Post  Admin on Tue May 12, 2009 7:23 pm

    Bleach is a specific type of, world of war craft private server and has a very limited realm. Out of a 100 registers maybe 50 would get through after a full examination of there current private server experiences. But bleach is also one of the greatest server's we make sure to keep updated. But recently we changed the forums here. Not all information be already correct and up-to-date. Just the server sorry to anyone whom was thinking that bleach is just open to the public.


    1. Locate your world of war craft folder, most likely in you C-drive.
    2. open your world of war craft folder.
    3. go into data and located
    4. open
    5. change the realm, TO
    6. play

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